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Welcome to
Innova Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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About Innova

Welcome to Innova Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

We are a team of senior-level executives and advisors in various fields related to pharmaceutical, biotech, and bio-science development as well as financial guidance in technology and healthcare.

Innova’s founding members are leaders in development and innovation for AI pharma-applications, drug discovery, research and development, pharmaceutical drug distribution, and the import-export of generic drugs.

We are committed to advising clients and joint venture partners in navigating the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry from concept to manufacturing logistics.

Economic forecasting and business model timelines together with project adherence planning and management are part of our day-to-day operations.

We possess a deep, extensive understanding of the domestic and international pharmaceutical industry, coupled with the real-time ability to navigate complex guidance issues and challenges related to new market entry and sustainable market growth planning.

Innova can provide customized solutions to our partners and clients based on their specific needs, leveraging our expertise in the areas of drug discovery and development, regulatory compliance, and supply chain management.

Our approach is collaborative, and we work closely with our affiliates and clients to ensure that viable solutions are offered according to specific requirements.

At our core, we’re committed to improving global access to safe and effective medicines. The focus is to create innovative solutions to help address the world’s most pressing pharma-tech and healthcare-related challenges.

Our Solutions

Innova solutions are designed to support the efforts of healthcare professionals and initiatives. Our harm reduction and telehealth products aim for the highest standards in the industry, enabling professionals to help more and better.

Innova Pharma specializes in creating an intelligent health system by merging health tech, life sciences, AI, and innovative R&D to deliver personalized and targeted core-care experiences. 

As a strategic partner in the health tech industry, we offer a comprehensive suite of services including advisory, medical, marketing, communications, and patient engagement. 

Our expertise in market research, strategy consulting, and commercial benchmarking empowers world-leading strategies for portfolio development, product launch, franchising, pricing, and market access, streamlining the complexities of healthcare and pharmacology.

MHealth Patient Care Platform is a telehealth software solution that offers a complete system for health care professionals.

Our primary objective is to redefine the way in which care is delivered by providing a software and technology solution that integrates with FDA Class II biometric devices as well as new video conferencing technologies to reduce user roadblocks.

Our technology is powered by HNC Virtual Solutions whose mission has always been to deliver easy-to-use technology that empowers patients and healthcare professionals to collaborate on the management of health while increasing the efficiency and availability of healthcare.

As leading consultants and suppliers in harm reduction, we focus on meeting people where they are, offering non-judgmental support to minimize substance use risks.

With a foundation of evidence-based practices, we provide various services like overdose education, naloxone distribution, direct access to fentanyl test strips and xylazine test strips, opioid disorder medications, and safer use supplies.

Our extensive experience enables us to deliver life-saving services to drug users and their communities. We’re committed to fostering health and well-being for those affected by substance use, ensuring a safe, stigma-free environment for our clients.

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